A nice workout from Men’s Health that takes advantage of your adjustable dumbbells!  You can find it here.

Men’s Fitness has an excellent arm workout online, featuring the Bowflex SelectTech 1090 adjustable dumbbell.  Check out the workout here.

For more information on the SelectTech 1090’s, take a look here and here is our adjustable dumbbells buyer’s guide!  Also, check out the SelectTech 552’s if you don’t need to be able to select up to 90 pounds for your dumbbell weight.

I’m still using the Weider SpeedWeight 100’s for my dumbbell workouts and after a year of use, they are still working perfectly!

Busy these days?  So am I.  I’ve been working the following exercises, focusing on the 80-second muscle failure (Occam’s Protocol) method advocated by Tim Ferrriss in his book, The 4-Hour Body.

1) One-hand dumbbell row.

2) Overhead press.

3) Chest press.

4) Alternating deltoid raise.

5) Standing tricep extension.

6) Concentration curls.

Here’s another nicely done piece, with video, on a different 15-minute dumbbell workout.

P90X Back and BicepsAt least once a year, I turn back to P90X to get some variety back into my workouts and to jumpstart weight loss or some additional fitness gains.  When I first tried P90X while I was deployed to Afghanistan in the Army, I relied on resistance bands like these to get my workouts in.  They were better than nothing and they are a great way to take your P90X routine on the road.

Since then, I’ve purchased adjustable dumbbells and as you can imagine the adjustable dumbbells are clearly much better at getting you to muscle fatigue and improving your P90X workout gains.

Here are my favorite adjustable dumbbells for P90X:

1) Weider SpeedWeight 120.  From my perspective, these are the new gold standard for adjustable dumbbells.  They have the proven design of the SpeedWeight 100s with the additional weight that keeps them relevant for a longer period of time as you make gains with your lifting.

2) Weider SpeedWeight 100.  These are the dumbbells that I own and use.  I bought them prior to the 120s existing, so if I were buying new today, I’d buy the 120s, but for those who want to save a sizable chunk of money and don’t think they will need the extra weight of the 120s, then these are a good choice.

3) BowFlex SelectTech 552.  I’ve had the chance to use these and, though I don’t like them as much as the Weider sets, mainly because I prefer the Weider’s weight selection technology, they are absolutely a great set to use for P90X workouts.  They are also narrower end to end than the Weider set, which makes them easier to use for some specific exercises.

Bottom line:  you really can’t go wrong with any of these sets.  If you want to see my video review of the Weider SpeedWeight 100s, click here.

Here’s an article from the NYT eulogizing this titan of the fitness world.  As a user of his company’s products, I say well done Joe Weider!

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